How to Fix “Site isn’t ready to show ads” and Get Approved

How to Fix "Site isn't ready to show ads" and Get Approved
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You have worked hard to get your site up and running. You have written great content, optimized for search engines, and have a solid social media presence. Now it’s time to generate some revenue with Google AdSense!

So, you create an AdSense account and submit your application.

The first thing your site is checked for is whether it meets the content policies.

Policies are a set of rules that you need to follow, in order to be able to show ads on your site.

After applying, you are happy that you will start making money from your passion. But…

…you get this error: “Site isn’t ready to show ads.” This can be extremely frustrating; all of your hard work and nothing to show for it? Not exactly the situation you want to be in.

There are ways to fix this situation. Here are the most common reasons why sites fail AdSense review, as well as how you can fix them.

Quick Checklist

  • Your content is thin or low quality
  • Ads already on the site (Paid/Affiliate ads)
  • No navigation bar (inadequate site structure)
  • You don’t have enough content
  • Plagiarized content (Auto-generated content)
  • Add a privacy policy page
  • Long time between updates
  • Your site isn’t complete
  • Add Google AdSense code to your website
  • Get Approved

Note!!! I will share my own experience and what I tried to fix. Different websites have different issues, if you don’t find anything related to your issue…. use the links I will be highlighting so you can learn more from Google Search Central and AdSense Content Policies. You can as well comment and I will reply to you!

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1. Your content is thin or low quality

Why Google hates thin content and keyword cannibalization
Learn more about “thin content

I have talked about this many times on this website. AdSense is a program that depends on content quality. If your site doesn’t provide enough value through its content, it won’t get approved for monetization.

New to Content Writing? Read What is Thin Content? and How to Avoid it (Strategies and Tips)

This means that if your site is new, or if it doesn’t have much substance, your application may be rejected.

You can easily remedy this by adding more high-quality content to your site. Google recommends original and compelling content that visitors find useful, informative or entertaining – and it needs to be longer than 500 words per page.

If you already have 20 to 30 blog posts already published on your site, then I recommend going through each and trying to update them. Make sure that you have removed all the irrelevant information and then update.

Reapply again for google AdSense and wait for feedback. In the meantime, keep publishing more quality content.

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2. Ads already on the site (Paid/Affiliate ads)

why spammy affiliate links affects your site ranking
Learn more about “Spammy affiliate links

This was the challenge I faced with my site. After applying for AdSense… one week later they relied on and found out my issue was too many paid and affiliate ads on my website.

You might be wondering why they are wrong? Google assumes you don’t have quality content and your main aim is to get people to click your links which is against Google guidelines.

If this is your issue, go you your website and remove all links that are crowded. Use the in-text links and avoid crawlers finding them.

Here is how to do it …

how to add a link in gutenberg block editor in wordpress
use the first and “second or third” options on your affiliate links

Reapply to Google AdSense again and wait for their feedback. Note that you can put your paid/affiliate links back after they accept you but mind they might suspend your account.

3. No navigation bar (inadequate site structure)

When your website is difficult to navigate or has broken links and missing pages, users won’t have a good experience.

Make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for on your site by organizing it neatly and creating an easy-to-use navigation system between pages.

You can do this by structuring your “main navigation menu.” Only add important pages and post them in your menu (favorites) so that Google sees them first.

This will increase your chances of approval. Reapply for Google AdSense again and wait… Always remember to update it with meaningful information.

Recommended reading: How To Create a High Converting Landing Page (and Benefits). This guide will give you an overview of how your pages should be structure.

4. You don’t have enough content

You might be having a well-structured website and good-quality content, but how many blog posts do you have?

Google displays its ads in-between content. If it finds you don’t have enough blog posts, then it assumes you will make your website ads spammy which is against their rules.

If you only have a few pages then there’s no way Google will also approve your site for AdSense – especially if the content is low-quality and/or duplicate content from other sites.

So before re-applying for the program, make sure that you have at least 20-30 pieces of high-quality content.

New to Content Writing? Also read: How to Easily Write Long-Form Content in 2022 (4 Steps Guide)

5. Plagiarized content (Auto-generated content)

why duplicate and auto generated content is againist google content quality guidelines
Learn more

To have plagiarized work or duplicate work means you copied it from somewhere else and added it to your site without adding any value.

The second way you might have plagiarized content or duplicated content is by using ai copywriting tools to generate your blogs.

The second way is not bad (I actually use them), but the rule for creating content is 30% – 70%. You should always edit the blog generated and make it at least 30% unique.

To solve this issue, you need to edit your blogs every time you generate them. Also, remember to check for plagiarism using a paid tool like Grammarly and Qtext among others.

Duplicate content is a type of thin content? More learning: What is Thin Content? and How to Avoid it (Strategies and Tips)

This will help you check the exact percentage of plagiarism and then edit your work to make it unique. Remember to check and update the ones that are already published before reapplying.

6. Add a privacy policy page

how to solve privacy policy issues by Google Adsense
learn more (please scroll halfway to find this option)

This is one of the mandatory things to do. There is no chance that you can be accepted to Google AdSense without these important pages;

  • Privacy policy
  • Affiliate disclosure or Cookie consent
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contact me
  • About me

These are very important pages that define the relationship between you and the user and what information you are taking from them.

Make sure that your contact information and the about me page are true. Use an image on the about me page if possible (not a requirement)

Add these pages (use this link to learn how to add pages) to your site and try to reapply for AdSense again.

7. Long time between updates

“The last time you made a major change to your site was over three months ago.” This sounds funny/attacking but it is really a vital thing to note when applying for AdSense.

Google wants to make sure that sites with AdSense ads are being maintained regularly with new and fresh content. “Nobody wants to read how to cook rice, an article that was written in 2015”

The world has changed and with the advanced cooking technology that we use now, that article makes no sense. It just needs an update.

Always make sure that your site is updated and the content in it is up to date. This can increase the chances of AdSense approval.

8. Your site isn’t complete

Another thing that Google checks is whether your site is complete or not. If your site still has under-construction or coming soon pages, then they will reject you immediately.

So make sure that your site is fully completed and live before applying for AdSense.

The way to fix this is to make all your pages are complete and not either is – leading to 404 pages or URL does not exist. This applies even to the broken internal links which you need to fix.

9. Add Google AdSense code to your website

This sometimes happens when you place the code in the wrong place or by mistake it was removed.

You can try adding the code again to your site theme builder and reapply.

The best way that I recommend is to use the “Site kit plugin” by Google and the code will be added automatically to your site.

I have a complete guide on how to put code on your theme (Astra WordPress theme or any other theme) or by using the site kit plugin.

Reapply and wait for feedback from the AdSense team. Note!!! on the link above, I show you how to apply for AdSense. I recommend reading that guide if you are new to AdSense.

10. Get Approved

After finding out your issue, try to solve it fast then reapply again. If you did it correctly, there is no doubt that you will get accepted to display ads on your website.

how to check if your site is ready to show ads

Also, note!!! Google AdSense policies are very strict and if you don’t fix the issue they will reject the application again.


My final thought is to try to bind with their requirement and you will have a smooth workout with Google AdSense.

There may be other issues I didn’t address which you can find out here or ask in the comment, I will reply with a suggestion.

Thanks for reading.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, please do give it a share. Do you have any questions or concerns we didn’t address above? Please let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

Have A Nice Day.

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6 thoughts on “How to Fix “Site isn’t ready to show ads” and Get Approved”

  1. Wow! Imagining myself doing the wrong thing for a long time now, I have been disapproving so many times, I didn’t even bother to read googles terms and Conditions before applying, I also copy and paste content without editing it.

    Thanks so much for this powerful article, it has opened my eyes to see what I was doing wrong and what I wasn’t.

    My question is. Can’t I get approved with Hymn articles?

    1. Yes, you can get approved. You only need to have a clean and well-structured site. You can’t really change “Hymns” but you can always consider adding a unique introduction and maybe numbering different paragraphs. Just try to make your site unique from others.

  2. Hi, I came across your blog after getting the site not ready notice from Adsense. I do have around 34 blog posts up ( but the problem is that I revived my blog after a break of 3-4 years (due to school), my blog was doing good when it started but due to lack of activity it came back to zero in terms of site traffic but its slowly picking up the pace. Do you think I should wait for a while, add more content and show consistency and also planning on adding a privacy policy page though a content policy page is already on. I do have some third party plugins like surveychamp, not sure if that also causes any issues. But what would you recommend? Plus the content I post is original and I spent some time making the interface look good.

    1. Ok, first I appreciate your comment. One of the best things I could do (if I were you) is to use WordPress. I can see that you have a .com domain and still using Blogger which compared to WordPress, WordPress is far way ahead. The second thing that you are missing that could improve your “site approval” by Google AdSense is adding important pages which are missing on your site. Also, add a “cookie consent” notification. You can find out more on our Monetization category or Blogs.

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